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Vehicle Details

Condition Auto vendute
Year 1970
Engine 1116
CV 55
Fuel Benzina - Petrol
Condition Auto vendute
Make Fiat
Model 128 Berlina
Year 1970
Fuel Benzina - Petrol
Color Grigio Garda 604
Body Style Berlina / Sedan
Transmission Manual
Doors 4
Engine 1116
CV 55
Power 40 kW (55 hp)
kW 40

Vehicle Description

Fiat 128 sedan first series, 4 cylinders in line of 1116 c.c of 55 hp. Registered on 10 November 1970 in Città di Castello in the province of Perugia (central Italy).

Grigio Garda 604 with red skai interiors (matching colors).

2 owners of the same family.

Car carefully preserved, no accidents, good paint.

Well-preserved original interior, including the rubber floor carpet.

Mechanics and engine (128 A.000) original (matching numbers) in good working condition.

Original plates and booklet, Asi gold plate approved.

Short presentation:

The first series of the Fiat 128 was launched on the market in April 1969. The first production car with the FIAT front-wheel drive brand was designed by Ing. Dante Giacosa (father of all FIAT models until the early seventies), and was considered a cutting-edge car.

In those years the whole configuration was a solution that was not widespread in Italy and until then opposed by FIAT’s top management. The real innovation compared to almost all the pioneering competitors of front-wheel drive was the motor-transmission unit mounted in a transverse position, with the gearbox in line on the left of the engine, which allows an optimal exploitation of the space in the passenger compartment. This scheme, adopted today by all manufacturers on small-medium front drives, is significantly called “Giacosa arrangement” by the Italian engineer.

The 128 is also characterized by other innovative technical choices: the independent four-wheel suspension consisted of a McPherson at the front and a suspension with transverse crossbow, also acting as a stabilizer bar at the rear.

The interior is more characterized by functionality than luxury, with a simple and rational dashboard, seats upholstered in imitation leather, simple finishes and a remarkable internal habitability, also thanks to the absence of the central tunnel.

Only one engine was available for the debut: a new 4-cylinder in-line engine of 1116 cm³ of 55 hp, with an overhead camshaft driven by a toothed rubber belt, which directly controlled the tappets without interposing rocker arms. The maximum speed was declared in about 140 km / h.

The line, rather angular and devoid of concessions to extravagance, follows the stylistic dictates in vogue at the time, already adopted by FIAT for the previous models “124” and “125”.

The “128” immediately achieved a remarkable sales success throughout Europe, even winning the Auto of the Year Award in 1970. The designer Giorgetto Giugiaro narrates that, going to Wolfsburg to present the sketches of the design of the future Golf, he saw in the department Volkswagen design a “128” completely disassembled; in fact, the German technicians believed that the Fiat sedan was the best example of a modern “medium-small car”, which was inspired by the technical scheme.

At the time of the launch, the Fiat 128 was confronted, in its category, with few front-wheel drive models, the Peugeot 204 and the Simca 1100 (already with tailgate body), compared to which it offered more modern driving qualities, while technically and dynamically outperformed the Ford Escort Mk1 and the Opel Kadett B with rear wheel drive …

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