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Maserati Merak SS 1976

Technical Spec.:

Category: Coupè
Power: 220 Cv
Fuel: benzina
Colour: Grigio Flemington metall.
Year: 1976

Additional informations:
Maserati Merak 3.0 SS 1976 Grigio Flemington metallic (rare color) with interior velvet beige (color matching). Excellent quality and condition. The TOP of the Merak range, the most sought after by collectors, constructed only 1,000 pieces. Car perfectly preserved in excellent condition. perfect body, no rust, no welding, no accidents. Repainted totally professionally in 2013 at the workshop of restoration in the province of Mantova, completely free of defects. perfect interior redone with new original velvet comes from the "Carrozzeria Campana" in Modena specialized Maserati. Mechanics and engine matching numbers in excellent condition, coupons and regularly serviced with parts from the "Carrozzeria Campana" and "Franco Tralli" both Maserati specialists in Modena. Just performed important service and mechanical control. Available certification archive origin Maserati for compliance and authenticity of the chassis, engine, mechanical gearbox, interior and exterior color 100% match. Certified and approved ASI plaque maximum gold. Plates and contemporary documents. Short presentation: At the Maserati Geneva Motor Show in March 1975 introduced the sportiest and most powerful version of Merak, Merak SS (AM122 / A type). Thanks to increased carburetors Weber DCNF 44 and a compression ratio of 9.0: 1, the V6 now developed maximum output of 220 hp. The gumming was increased, with front tires 195/70 VR 15 and rear 215/70 VR X 15 X; other technical changes included the lightening of 50 kg and retouches to the frame. Outwardly the SS was recognizable for the cross grid on the hood between the headlights and, inside, to the adoption of a completely new dashboard, inspired by design to that of Bora. This announcement is valid unless transcript errors occur and are not contractual constraints. TOMMYCAR from 1999 decennial experience and professionalism in the sale and restoration of antique cars, classic and sports. Alfa Romeo Classic Specialist. Cars for sale are the exclusive property of TOMMYCAR (NO ACCOUNT SALES AND MEDIATION) to selection and quality assurance, sold with a regular contract and bill of sale. Possibility of policy 5 days for immediate withdrawal. Possibility of delivery in Europe, Switzerland, America and Asia, better pricing. You receive the new premises only by appointment.

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